Added Infrastucture


Infrastructure & Facility

The Holy Faith School Resource Centers (aka Libraries and Computer Labs) are the school’s gateway to 21st century information resources and information-using tools. Combining the traditional library collections and services with up-to-date computer labs and internet-accessible resources, the center’s are able to provide students and staff with both the information itself and the tools needed to manipulate and share it. There are two lecture halls equipped with audio-visual aids viz. PC, Multimedia Projector, OHP and Sound System-speaker and mike

The school premises is equipped with various audio-visual facilities. It has also equipped its classes with HCL – Digi school for a better learning interface for the students. Also there are various language lab facilities for the better development of language skills. The management of the school has decided to make the complete premises of the school Wi-Fi enabled. This would add to the better development of the students.