Rules & Regulations

Rules And Regulation

1. All the photographs to be used for school purpose should be attested by the school principal with the school uniform on.

2. Letters are not to be sent to the students at the school address.

3. Transistors and radios, tape recorders, mobile phones are not allowed in the school.

4. Students are not allowed to be absent on the closing day / reporting day or whenever there is a school function.

5. No students shall enter the campus without school uniform during working hours even when one is on leave including PTM.

6. Admission to Holy Faith School implies on the part of the pupil and the parents, willingness to comply with the requirements and regulations of the school.

7. Any students found resorting to unfair means in any examination will be suspended from the school with immediate

effect and will not be allowed to write the rest of the papers in that season.

8. When leaving classes for P.T., library, computer, games, practical classes they must move along the corridors and in

the stairs in single line always to the left and in perfect silence.

9. No one may leave the school premises during school hours without the principal’s permission. Parents are not allowed

to meet their children or interview the teachers during school hours, except with the permission of the principal.

10. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, neglect of home work, disobedience and disrespect to the members of the staff

or bad moral influence will lead to dismissal. The students are responsible to the school authorities for the conduct

both in and outside the school.

11. Nobody is allowed to remain in the class room during recess or P.T. periods. Once on the field of play nobody may

return to the class room without the permission of the principal or the class teacher and accompanied by the monitor.

12. Absence on school functions and national days will incur serious disciplinary action. 13. In all cases of doubt regarding the correct interpretations of school rules, the decision of the management is final and

no appeal lies anywhere except with the governing body.


1. To avoid vulgarity in talk and behaviour

2. To respect liberty and rights of other pupils.

3. To learn and observe good manners everywhere.

4. To accept whatever work is assigned with joy and pride.

5. To rise when principal, teachers or visitors enters or passes through any room in which you happen to be alone or with class-mates.

6. To be courteous and sportsman – like with officials and with opposing teams or different houses.

7. To offer help to any unattended visitor one happens to meet in the school premises.

8. To respect and preserve school property and report at once to the teacher any damage or danger to it that you may observe.

9. To avoid dropping papers, in school premises or out of the windows, to pick up such papers when found.

10. To be always friends with one another and respectful towards the elders, in and out of school.


1. Never omit any lesson or homework assigned.

2. Always revise the work done in class and get your difficulties solved.

3. If memory work is assigned, learn it overnight and repeat it the first thing in the morning.

4. Repeat at the end of the week all that was learnt during the week.

5. Make a daily home time-table for yourself. In this way you will learn to be a student of regular habits, a most valuable asset in later life.

6. Realise the value of time. Do not wait till the approach of the examinations. The key to success is regular and sincere work. Do not waste your God given talents for want of application.